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One of the more important questions you will need to ask and answer for yourself as you develop your research study is: “Which qualitative research approach best fits my research question?” You may be able to reframe your research question to fit more than one qualitative approach; generally, though, one of the available approaches is likely to fit better than the others once you have a well-defined question. The only way to make this determination is to develop a familiarity with different approaches.In this Discussion, you will conduct a literature review of your topic area ( My area of study I want to focus on is the lack of parental/family engagement as a barrier to psychiatric treatment for high risk children), I want this to be a Qualitative case study)Contribute a 3-paragraph Discussion post in which you respond to the following:· Summarize the characteristics of the approach of the research article you chose during your literature search.· Summarize the research article, including the citation and sufficient information for your classmates and Instructor to locate the article.· Present a short critique of that article based on the “R8360 Guidelines for Reading and Evaluating Qualitative Research Articles” documentUse tis link for the guidelines: (

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