NSG120 Stratford WK3 5 Nursing Purposes for Performing a Physical Assessment


Using your textbook(Chp31 and powerpoints answer the following questions. Please follow APA format.

List the 5 nursing purposes for performing a physical assessment. 5

Fill in the blank: Proper preparation for examination should include: (name 5 things) 5

List 7 variations in the nurse’s individual style that are appropriate when examining older adults. 7

Identify the principles to follow to keep an examination well organized. (List 5) 5

What is the difference between light and deep palpation? 1

Define the following terms: inspection, auscultation,palpation and percussion. 1

List at least 5 specific observation of the patient’s general appearance and behavior that should be reviewed. 2

List 3 actions that should be taken to ensure accurate weight measurement of a hospitalized patient. 1

Name 1 location that you would assess each of the following skin color variations: cyanosis, pallor, jaundice. 3pts

Define the following terms: turgor, edema, PERRLA 3

What is the best location to check for skin turgor for light and dark skinned patients? 1

Define the following normal breath sounds and where would you find them on the anterior and posterior chest: vesicular, bronchovesicular, bronchial. 3

Explain the following terms related to the heart assessment: point of maximal impulse, S1, S2. 3

Where are the following areas located in the heart: aortic area, pulmoonic area, erbs point, tricuspid area, mitral area? 5

Define the following terms related to the abdomen: distention, peristalsis, borborygmi. 3

What is the purpose of the Glascow coma scale? 1

Briefly explain the 2 types of aphasia. 1

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