Need health and medical help to Research about a Crisis Hotline in Your Area

Unit 4 Assignment: Research Crisis Hotline in Your Area

Part I (Individual Assignment): Locate your local crisis hotline or the local crisis center available in your area. You might need to begin with your County Office or Department of Social Services. Research information about this resource and explore how someone would locate it and use it. Call the agency’s human resources office that manages volunteers and request information on how to become a volunteer, or research the opportunities for volunteers online if your county has a website.

In a two paragraph response please do the following:

Paragraph 1: Summarize how to become a volunteer at your local crisis hotline or local social services agency. Describe the training needed and what you would need to get started.

Paragraph 2: Explain whether or not you would consider taking advantage of this opportunity, and why. How do you think this volunteer experience could be valuable to you as a future human service professional?

Paragraph 3: Identify the client population(s) served by the local crisis hotline or local social services agency that you discussed. Discuss the risk factors that contribute to the need for this crisis service.

Part II (Group Assignment): Use the information you found to create a collaborative document of resources. Work with at least three other classmates to develop a resource guide listing crisis services. The final document could be as short as one page, but must be submitted by all members of the team. You may use Word, Google Docs or any other software to assist in this collaboration.

Part III (Peer Evaluation): You will assess your team members, and they will assess you using the Peer Evaluation form. Your instructor will not share your peer evaluation feedback with others; you may choose to ask teammates to share their perceptions with you, so you can improve your team contribution .

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