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The one recommendation that has been most impactful on national security has been to improve the nation’s airport security. TSA has been one agency that has affected National Security today. The TSA has grown since 9/11 with its development of countermeasures that have enhance layers of security at airports and on board planes to anticipate and mitigate the evolving threats to the US since 9/11. TSA has employed more officers to aid in the detection of airline security threats. It has employed new inspections at airports, trained on new ways to detect explosive devices, and updated its technology to x-ray machines and advance imaging technology machines capable to detect both metallic and nonmetallic threats to airports’ across the country.

Enhance Border security recommendation, the strategic plan under DHS promise to strengthen and gain control of the borders, I feel has been the least impactful. Since 2003, Homeland Security and the Justice Department has provided millions of dollars of funding for an array of border security operations. These included building an 18-foot steel fence, high-tech surveillance, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and increased prosecutions of illegal border crossers and the new hiring’s of agents for the Border Patrol. I feel that the federal government’s continued expressions of its commitment to border security has only served to highlight the shortcomings that it is failing to meet its responsibility to secure the border, pointing to continued illegal crossings by immigrants and drug traffickers. Border sheriffs, militant activists and state legislatures have even started taking border security into their own hands especially along the southwest border. Despite the border security buildups and $100 billion spent along the southwestern border, no terrorists or terrorist weapons have been seized. DHS does point out, however, that every year it regularly apprehends illegal border crossers from countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism (Barry, 2011).

Barry, T. (2011).Border Security After 9/11: Ten Years of Waste, Immigrant Crackdowns and New Drug Wars

National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the Unites States. (2004). The 9/11 Commission Report. Retrieved from

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