module 5 capstone project, assignment help

There are three elements to this part of the project:

  1. In 1-2 pages, describe 3 objectives for your plan. Using the guidelines provided this week in the lecture, test each objective and include your results with the objectives.
  2. After developing a set of objectives, the strategy necessary for accomplishing those objectives must be formulated. Based on the strategy template presented in the lecture, in 1-2 pages describe the elements of your strategy. Here is where you give a synopsis of your plan, what you want to do, how you want to do it, in broad terms.
  3. Develop the action plan for your strategic plan. The action, or operational, plan identifies exactly what services will be provided and the exact nature of those services. Write 1-2 pages where you describe your action plan.

Be sure to format your references per APA standards and be sure to use in-text citations where necessary. Also, be sure to include a reference page.

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