Module 08 Course Project – Rough Draft Due

You have been working very hard on your Research Project. This module submit a copy of your rough draft to the drop box. Your instructor will then review this and provide you with feedback. Take full advantage of the tips and feedback that you receive from your instructor. To gain maximum points on your final draft, it is essential that you address all of the suggestions provided to you.Your final paper must be a minimum of 4-5 pages long in addition to having a title and reference page. It should demonstrate a strong thesis statement supported by research from at least 5 different sources. Include in-text citations from references using APA format throughout the paper.In your paper, you are accountable for applying appropriate course concepts; adhering to the standards of academic writing; and adequately supporting your primary position or thesis with appropriate resource materials.Before turning in your rough draft this week, make sure that your research paper includes the following:A thesis statement clearly stated, which outlines what the paper is about.Information which supports the thesis statement.Your information presented clearly and sequentially.A conclusion which is an accurate portrayal of the information.Sources cited in correct APA format.Include at least one sociological theory to support your research.(I have attached the thesis and outline for you to go by and also the introduction and references to help you get please use the info that I gave you to complete the rough draft of this course project.)

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