Medical material advances

You will locate, evaluate and summarize 5 articles per month due on or as close to the 15th of the month listed. These will be displayed in a 3 ring binder notebook with an SLR format cover page. You will also print a copy of the original article (up to 10 pages per article). You will also use the exact format of this page provided at the end of this document.


Aug./Sept. -Medical material advances

The completed set of research articles (5 per month) should reflect your individual interests.

These materials may take different forms: articles from magazines or journals, downloaded materials, newspaper articles.

For each item, you should provide the following information:

a. the exact source of the materials (give complete bibliographical citations for print and visual materials, complete URLs for Internet downloads);

b. a brief statement (a sentence is plenty) explaining why you consider the selected item important enough – or interesting enough – for inclusion;

c. An executive summary must be written in your own words, at least 250 words per article.

(try to make it simple please)

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