maternity nursing

CASE STUDY: POSTPARTUM A 24-year-old primipara gave birth 4 hours ago. She had a vaginal delivery with a midline episiotomy. She received an epidural anesthetic.

  • Identify the immediate postpartum assessment within the first hour.
  • Her pad is soaked with blood within 30 minutes. Is this normal?
  • Fundus is to the right. What does this indicate?
  • What instruction needs to be given before palpating her bladder

5. How do you document fundal height?

6. Describe the 3 stages of lochia and the time period for each.

7. Discuss the 9 areas of postpartum physical assessment (Bubble He).

8. Describe the components of the breast exam postpartally with rationale.

9. She got up a short time ago and noticed a sudden gush of lochia. Her fundus is firm on exam. How would you explain this occurrence?

10. Explain REEDA scale. She has 2 cm of edema and ecchymosis around her incision. What therapy is appropriate at this stage?

11. She had received an epidural. What assessment is important in the next 6-8 hours?

12. What is Homan’s sign and what does a positive Homan indicate?

13. What discharge teaching instruction would be given for self-care and newborn care?

14. When she is discharged in 48 hours, what should her fundal height, lochia, perineum, breast, and voiding status be?

15. She is talking about her experience during the labor process. She looks tired but states she is waiting to eat and then will take a nap. What psychological phase is she going through?

16. After 24 hours, she wants to know how to diaper her infant and wants instruction on breastfeeding. She states that she feels so clumsy and is afraid of hurting the infant. What phase is this?

17. When she goes home, she may be overwhelmed and in the next 3-5 days may go through the __________________________ phase. 1

8. Give three nursing diagnoses with goals/expected outcomes for a postpartal woman.

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