match the description to the correct kingdom!!!!! help i need in 10 min!!!!!!!!!

1. Eubacteria       a.eukaryote, some species have cells walls,can be uni or multicellular, either auto or   heterotroph

2.Archaebacteria                         b. eukaryote. no cell walls, unicellular, heterotroph                                     

3.protista                            c.prokaryote, cell walls with chitin, mostly multicellular, heterotroph

4.fungi                           d.eukaryote, cell walls with peptidoglycan, unicellular, auto or heterotroph

5.plantae                       e.eukaryote, cell walls with cullulose, mostly multicellular, autotroph

6.animalia                  f..prokaryote, cell walls with unique lipids,unicellular, autotroph                                        

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