Lynn University Research on E-Cigarettes Question

Go to this link and answer the question bellow.…

-Why were the researchers interested in this topic? What does studying this topic do for the society at large?

-List the experimental procedure in point form. Please try to include all the pieces of the experiment.

-What is the independent variable in this experiment? (Remember, it’s the one the researchers manipulated)

-What is the dependent variable in this experiment? (Remember, it’s the one that is usually measured by the resulting data)

-What is the Hypothesis for this experiment? Remember, as best you can make a statement of cause and effect between the two variables listed above.

-What were the key data or results they found in the experiment? Don’t list how those results were interpreted here. Save that for the conclusion.

-What is the larger interpretation of this study? What new understanding on this topic was formed from this study?

-What technology was used to gather the results? *Hint: the technology may be implied by the type of observations made to get the data. Try to infer what the technology was if it wasn’t stated explicitly.

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