Learning Team DNA Replication Gene Expression, biology homework help

Go to the link (below) for DNA Workshop Activity. Not all computers have shockwave. Good videos for replication, transcription & translation. Do NOT answer & submit the questions. Link (Links to an external site.)

In the Transcription & Translation Worksheet Key – part one (#1) addresses replication – using DNA to make more DNA. Using the base paring rules – Adenine pairs with Thymine and Guanine pairs with Thymine. Part two (#2) uses mRNA (transcription) using bases Adenine, Uracil, Cytosine & Guanine to form the strand that leaves the nucleus and enters the cytoplasm to begin translation using the all RNA types (mitochondrial RNA, transfer RNA & ribosomal RNA). The mRNA has the code to be translated. The tRNA will base pair with the mRNA message. The tRNA is made up of codons (three letter sequences of A, U, G, C) which correspond to the anti-codons which have the correct amino acid to be joined in a particular sequence for a specific organism. All this occurs within the ribosome (or rRNA).

Looking at the Key – they have TAC for the DNA strand. The corresponding mRNA strand will have AUG. The tRNA codon will be UAC. The anti-codon for the correct amino acid will be AUG which is the amino acid Met or Methionine.

Amino Acid table link: Link (Links to an external site.) or codon table with complete names of amino acids Link (Links to an external site.)

The learning team assignment is broken up into two sheets. The replication practice worksheet and the transcription and translation worksheet. Feel free to write on both sheets and scan/attach those answers and email them to me in canvas. Please email me in canvas or brenau.edu email so I know where to look for your assignment.

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Replication Practice Worksheet – DNA replication (THREE problems). You are base pairing both strands of DNA to form more DNA using the base pairing rules for Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine & Guanine.

Transcription & Translation Worksheet – Five problems walking you through one of the two DNA strands, corresponding mRNA, codons (tRNA), anti-codons & amino acids (which attach to the tRNA temporarily to form the protein sequence).

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