Learning method

In the last module you learned about different teaching methods and in this module you learned about individual differences. Now, I want you to combine these concepts by learning and sharing more about a specific teaching method you would use to teach others.

Choose one teaching method that you are interested in or would like to know more about (i.e., demonstration, group projects, one-to-one instruction, educational games, lecture, simulation, role playing, and self-instruction). Research this teaching method by using a professional resource outside of your textbook and in at least 350 words:

  • Briefly explain and apply this teaching method to ANY aspect of allied health education by creating a brief teaching scenario using this method.
  • Considering differences in literacy and health literacy, describe the topic and how you might teach it differently to someone less than 18 years of age, middle age, and elderly.
  • How you would accommodate individual differences such as age, race, gender, disabilities, culture, literacy, etc.
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