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From The State of Social Equity in American Public Administration pages 31-38:

·  “Americans have become less equal in virtually all aspects of social, economic, and political life.”

·  In the 1960s it became obvious that government policy was “much better for some citizens than for others”

·  “justice, fairness, and equality have everything to do with public administration.”

·  Street-level bureaucrats are “the coal miners of policy: they do the hard, dirty, and dangerous work of the state.”

From Equality and Equity of Access: What’s the Difference?

·  “The ideal of equal access is fundamental to American democracy.”

·  “But when a society is stratified into poles of advantage and disadvantage, with the inevitable consequences of privilege and exclusion, the promise of equal access to the discourses necessary for democratic participation rings hollow.”

·  “fairness also demands remedies to redress historic injustices that have prevented or diminished access in the first place”

·  Policies that enact “fairness” as “uniform distribution” are popular, while policies aiming for equity tend to be perceived as “unfair”.

From Frederickson’s Social Equity Agenda Applied: Public Support and Willingness to Pay pages 19-37:

·  Public education is considered to be “the great leveler”, but urban public schools “often lack the capacity to overcome deficits that contribute to and are the product of systemic and social equality.”

·  “Perceptions of self-interest often cloud vision”, so the advantaged cannot fully understand the struggles of the disadvantaged.

·  Public administrators must encourage citizens to think critically and reject simple answers to complex issues.


As a welfare caseworker, it is my job to assist anyone who qualifies for aid, regardless of race, sex, religion, culture, or gender identity. However, many people who qualify for aid are scared to come in to the office because they do not speak English and are afraid that, as a government agency, we have the power to have them deported (even if they have legal immigration status). Currently, my agency deals with this issue by hiring bilingual workers, offering application packets in multiple languages, and contracting a translation hotline just in case a client speaks a language that the worker does not speak. This is very effective for clients who are able to move past their fears and come to the office, but I believe public administrators could focus more on community outreach. One easy and effective way of accomplishing this would be hanging up or passing out fliers in multiple languages (especially Spanish, Chinese, Thai, and Ge’ez in our area) explaining the eligibility requirements and stressing that applicants will not be deported nor referred to Immigration without their consent.

Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE by using one of the option below… in APA format with At least two reference…..

·  Support or refute your colleagues’ analyses of the relationship between equality and social equity.

·  Respond with another strategy to promote equity or equality.

·  Explain how your chosen experience compares with those of your colleagues.

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