Job appointment, hierarchy chart and narrative

  • The purpose of this assignment is to first become more familiar with the governmental agencies that oversee and regulate different aspects of the environment, biomedical research, public health and policy. Using inferential reasoning you must justify why it is logical for you to hold a position in a specific agency. This reflective exercise will enhance your comprehension of the department’s purpose and begin to illustrate the essential roles health care professionals play in the government.
  • Answer the following questions
    • What are the 3 branches of government?
    • Which branch does congress belong?
    • What are the two departments within congress?
      • What is the difference between the 2 in regard to the number of seats in each?
        • How are they decided?
    • Which does the cabinet belong?
      • What are the cabinet positions including cabinet level officials? List them all out.
      • Why would these departments be involved in your assigned scenario and role?
      • Why is it logical for you to hold a positon in this department as a medical care provider, epidemiologist, scientist or public health educator?
  • Find 3 specific departments overseen by the United State Cabinet that would be involved with your subject. You could also choose NASA or the National Academy of Science.
  • Make a hierarchy style chart using SmartArt in word that includes all of the cabinet positions and the 3 departments you potentially could be employed within. Use the link below for help
  • In 3-5 sentences thoughtfully and comprehensively
  • Create a cohesive narrative that describes the sequence of the events that led to your cross-disciplinary collaboration and discoveries. This will be the same for each group.
  • Name your task force (everyone’s name in their group will be the same)

Appointing Yourself to a Position

  • Using Wikipedia find a list of the cabinet members including the cabinet level officials
  • Click on an office that may regulate issues pertaining to your topic and employ people with your assigned expertise.
  • Next click on the department that the office oversees. For example, the Secretary of Agriculture is the administration for the United States Department of Agriculture. I want to you to work in a department and not in an administrative office.
  • Read a bit about the department and see if there is an organization chart that shows the hierarchy of the different programs/agencies that exist within. Click on the varying agencies if there is a link. Investigate these departments’ roles and decide if it is logical for your character to be employed by them.
  • Next go to the department or agency’s website and find a specific position that you could potentially hold. Using the website will also give you more insight into the purpose and function and how you can serve as an employee.
    • EPA => About EPA => Organization Chart => Organization chart under Headquarters Offices
    • NAS: =>organization => program units => pick a unit => our boards or about us (depends on the unit)=> click on a board => about us => who we are and what we do
    • USDA => use Wikipedia to find the program and agency/office (write them down) then go to the USDA website => site map => choose an agency or office=> read the programs they are responsible for and visit their web site for specific information on their duties.
    • NIH => Institutes at NIH => List of Institutes Centers and Offices => About => Organization: Division Offices and Centers => chose a center => mission
    • FDA => FDA organization (right side of page) => organization charts=> chose a department => choose an office. Copy past the office to google and add FDA to the end. Go to their website to get more information.
    • Wikipedia => executive office of the president (overseen by the Chief of staff) => choose a department that is relevant
    • Department of Commerce=> Bureaus and Offices => chose one => choose an office and visit its home page
    • CDC => CDC Organization (bottom middle)=> organizational chart (left side)=> choose an office and a center => copy past the center in a new tab and go to their website=> find an organizational chart of branches if it exists.
    • Department of defense => Navy
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