Is the design appropriate for the research question? And: -Is it descriptive or explanatory? Why?… 1 answer below »

Goal; open book exam, pre-given article. Are the findings valid? 1. Is the design appropriate for the research question? And: a. Is it descriptive or explanatory? Why? b. Is the choice of a specific strategy mentioned and is that choice substantiated? c. Does the chosen method match the question (is there a fit between question and design)? 2. Was the method of sampling (criterium, purposive, conveniece, snowball, etc) appropriate for the research question and design? And: a. To what extent was purposeful sampling involved? Are they rich cases? b. Is there a sufficiently large sample in relation to the results (consideration of depth and width) 3. To what extent is the data collection based on the research question sufficient? And: a. What is the power of this data collection and what are its limitations? b. Can you think of anything else for improvement 4. Were the data analyzed appropriately? a. How has it been analyzed? What steps have been made? b. To what extent is there alternation between data collection and data analysis? is that feasible in this study? (less priority) c. Is this form of analysis sufficient given the research question (or: do the findings provide an answer or substantive interpretation of data to answer the question)? Quality improvements in terms of validity, generalization and trustworthiness. (pro’s and cons of the design). If there is space left: Formulate a fitting research question. Is the research question clear and adequately substantiated? Is the description of findings thorough? To what extent does the introduction make clear what is already known about the subject? What is the need of the study?


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