Introduction to forestry

Prompt 1: Forest Ecology

Create a food web for both of your forests. Use the terms producer, primary consumers, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer, and decomposer. Try to accurately show the difference between your two forests. For instance, the types of trees that make up the bulk of the production in your forest would be different in New Mexico than in New Hampshire. A large-sized primary consumer might be a deer in an oak-hickory forest or a porcupine in spruce-fir forest. A small-sized primary consumer might be a pine bark beetle in one or spruce bud worm in another. A medium-sized primary consumer might be red squirrel, a fox squirrel or a gray squirrel. And so forth.

Prompt 2: Pests and Diseases

What is the difference between a pest, disease, and an invasive species. Research an example of each in both of your forests. What is the difference between a pest and primary consumer? (This is a trick question.) Wisconsin forest and a Louisiana forest 300 words 2 references

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