Innovation in construction, engineering homework help


This study aims to develop the students’ ability to appraise and evaluate current innovation and research in the construction industry, in both building technology and management; to have an understanding of the issues surrounding the sustainability of the global environment and gain an appreciation of the impetus for change in the industry; to assess the difficulties of knowledge transfer and implementation.


1. Evaluate current innovation in construction.

2. Assess the implication of sustainability.

3. Formulate strategies for knowledge transfer and implementation.

4. Evaluate the implementation of changing practices on the construction industry


You are required to submit an essay on the recent innovative trends in the construction industry covering about 20 pages. The essay should be written based on a real construction project which covers the following details.

1. How can you implement innovation in construction project ,related to sustainability in


2. Give any five innovative construction materials and methods with the potential to integrate the architectural methods with minimising cost as the main factor.

3. Suggest the methods to improve the efficiency of knowledge transfer in construction industry and how it could be executed?

Report Format

1). It must be in printed form using the following margin spacing

 Top: 1.0 inches

 Left: 1.5 inches

 Right: 1.0 inches

 Bottom: 1.0 inches

2) The report must be in black ink and is typed written in the English language using 12 points font of “Times New Roman “, on an A4 size standard paper.

3) The spacing of the lines must be 1.5 inches, using ‘justification’ alignment for the running text, ‘center justification’ for the chapter heading, and ‘left justification for the section heading/sub heading if any.

4) The font used for the chapter number and title is 18 points font; for the sections is 16 points font; and 14 points for sub sections if any.

5) Only one side of the page should be printed and the other side should be blank.

6) The page number should be in the ‘footer’ at the middle. The page number in the ‘Table of Contents’ where there is the ‘List of Tables’, ‘List of Figures’ must be in Roman numerals, (e.g. i, ii, ii,…) and all other pages must be assigned a running Arabic number (1,2,3,…) starting from 1.

7) Every figure and table must have a figure number in an Arabic numeral (e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, …. and Table 1, Table 2,…). The figure title is centered at bottom of figure. The table name is centered at the top of the table. Appendices are not required in this report.

Report Sections

The Report should contain a minimum of 20 pages with the following sections:

 Cover Page

 Table of contents

 Introduction

 Literature review

 Main body of Case Study

 Conclusions

The report should start from the ‘cover page’ to the ‘references’ with the following sections:

1. Cover Page

2. Table of contents:

 ‘Table of Contents’ must be in bold upper case size 16 points font in the middle of

page (centered)

 ‘List of Figures’, ‘List of Tables’ (if any) must be in the upper case without bold and use Roman numerals to number the pages.

 All chapter topics should be written in upper case without bold.

 Subtopics written in each chapter should be numbered using Arabic numerals and indented one tab.

3. Introduction (Minimum one page)

The introduction sets the context for the report, the background and overview of the report content on the innovative technique used. It summarizes briefly the outline of the entire report and focus on the statement of its objective. It will describe how the report was organized.

4. Literature review(minimum two pages)

Discuss briefly about the current construction industry research relevant to the work done in the past from current journals, magazines ,internet source that reflect the leading edge of current development.

5. Main body of report (Case Study) (minimum fifteen pages)

 Describe the strategy being employed in the innovation in construction aspects and the relations of them in present construction industry.

 Focus on the facts and identify the problems for implementing innovation in construction.

 Main body and report

 Present the breakdown summary of the data gathered for the Present findings in an organized manner.

 Elaborate the concept of innovation in construction by presenting sub topics relevant to the main topic.

6. Conclusion ( maximum one page)

Every report should include a concluding statement regarding the subject matter. State how the principles and methods that can be used for adding value to the process of Innovation in construction. Then the wide range of technology used in construction industry. Also the Knowledge transfer methods in construction industry. Increasing value based on innovation not only for the construction industry but also for society as a whole.

7. References( one page)

Report should include the source from website journals and reference books in Harvard CU style of referencing

Rules & Regulations

If any content of the report body is found to be copied from the other students then marks will be deducted from both reports.

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