influential to today’s athlete and to today’s coach

Please respond with 1500 words 12 font times roman,MLA style, citations references.

You may not use statistics; nor boring generalized statements; when you answer the question given to you, make it interesting!  It should be YOUR paper, something unique that you feel passionate about that you have discovered. Too many papers about the dangers of drugs, being obese or the challenges of cancer are not a quality paper:

Example: DO NOT  write on: “the effects of the sun on flowers”, rather, “the effects of gamma rays on Man on the Moon Marigolds”. Would exhibit good detail. You must give a minimum of  4 references not more than a year old.  You can use any reference you like EXCEPT our text!

Please answer both  questions: 

How is  a Positive Approach to Coaching Effectiveness and Performance Enhancement  the most influential to today’s athlete?  And to today’s coach? 

 Why is the coach Most influential to today’s athlete? And  to  today’s coach? 

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