In Michigan, unemployment benefits range from $81 to $362 per week, while in Colorado, benefits rang

In Michigan, unemployment benefits range from $81 to $362 per week, while in Colorado, benefits range from $25 to $502 per week, and in Washington, these benefits can vary between $158 and $664 per week.  Notice that these differences alone would imply more than a $15,000 annual difference in benefits depending on your state.


Program Specifics: 

The amount of benefits one receives under each of these programs varies depending on one’s individual earnings prior to becoming unemployed.  However, I am asking you to assume (for simplicity) that we are looking at workers in each of the three states who qualify for the maximum benefit ($362 per week in Michigan, $502 per week in Colorado and $664 per week in Washington).  

In addition to differences in the monetary benefits, each of these states also have different methodologies for phasing these benefits out as workers find employment:


-In Michigan, your benefit reduction depends on how much you earn relative to your unemployment benefit.  If you earn less than your weekly benefit ($362 per week as outlined above), your benefit is reduced by ½ of your earnings.  If you earn an amount greater than or equal to your benefit ($362 per week), but not exceeding 1.5 times your benefit ($543 per week), you received 1.5 x your benefit minus all of your earned income.  If you earn more than 1.5 times your benefit, you no longer quality for the program.



-In Colorado, you can earn up to 25% of your unemployment benefit in earned income without any reduction in your benefit.  However, for each dollar beyond this limit you earn, your benefit is reduced by one dollar.



-In Washington, the state takes the benefit recipient’s earned income, subtracts $5 and multiplies this amount by .75 (with this number rounded up, to the next highest dollar).  This is then the amount that is deducted from the worker’s unemployment benefit. o For example, if a worker qualifying for the $664 per week as described above found a job earning $200 per week, their benefit would be reduced by $147, leaving them with $717 per week ($664 in benefits + $200 in earnings – [(2005)x.75]).



Draw labor leisure diagrams for each of the three states above given the scenarios?


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