important spatial and ecological aspects of race and ethnicity, writing homework help

Week 4 Prompt The fifth chapter of the textbook covers several important spatial and ecological aspects of race and ethnicity. Some of the topics may resonate with your ideas of personal identity. Some of the vocabulary terms refer to historical events and geographical places that are associated with persecution and oppression (ethnic cleansing, ghettoes). You may find your own ethnic or racial heritage discussed within these pages. You may identify with geographers, and others, who argue that even though there is some biological basis to race (for example, skin color is genetically as significant as hair color), race has been heavily socially constructed by many different groups in different ways and at different times so that the category “race” is not very useful. Whatever your takeaway point from this chapter may be, this week’s prompt asks all of you to give some thought to what is the most important information in this subdisciplinary area of human geography. So, write at least 300 words answering the question: What is the most important issue, fact, observation, lesson, or paradox in chapter five, and why? If you believe there is more than one best takeaway point, please choose only one to write about. As a word of caution, be sure that you are not simply stating your opinion(s), but instead show that you are engaging with the content of the chapter by building an argument that draws its support primarily from chapter five material. You are encouraged to refer to the figures in the textbook when their data is relevant to your post, for example, “The shape of the population pyramid for the United States Population (Fig 3.12) shows evidence of the post-WWII baby boom generation commonly known as ‘Boomers’.” It is also perfectly acceptable and even encouraged to refer back to material from earlier chapters. This demonstrates that you are synthesizing knowledge from the class. In order to understand how geographers see the world and demonstrate that you can also do this, it helps to think about how information is presented in the chapter, what is discussed/not discussed, and reference that material as much as possible. Therefore, refer back to the textbook when possible to make arguments and prove points. Start a new thread and give it an appropriate title on the Week Four discussion board. Please remember to type this first in word processing software or somewhere that will occasionally save your work so that you don’t lose it if Blackboard causes technical difficulties or you experience an internet outage!

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