Assignment instructions
In this assignment you will be acting in the capacity of a crime analyst in the London Borough of Southwark. Your manager has approached you for an analysis of bicycle theft in the borough, due to a perceived increase in offences. A working hypothesis from your colleagues is that the bike thefts are concentrated in time and space, and that understanding the patterns would enable them to design effective crime prevention strategies. Your task is to produce a report, no longer than 1,250 words, which will contain figures,maps from arcmap and a narrative that answer the questions below.

For this assignment you will be using data provided by the local council. This contains the locations of every recorded offence of bicycle theft in London in the 12 months ending on 30 November 2014. They have included data for all London boroughs just in case there are any crime hotspots that extend over the Southwark borough boundary into surrounding boroughs, but your analysis should focus on Southwark. In particular, your analysis should – at a minimum – answer the following questions:

1)Is bicycle theft spatially clustered and is this statistically significant? (HINT: what tests for spatial randomness have you been exposed to?).
2)Where are the hotspots of bicycle theft in the Borough?
3)How does the frequency of bicycle theft vary over time? What might explain any temporal patterns?
4)Where is the risk of bicycle theft the greatest? You should pay particular attention to choosing an appropriate denominator in order to answer this question, and you should justify your choice.
5)What are the limitations of your analysis? This will help decision-makers to understand how to use the information that you are providing.

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