How to Avoid the Obesity Related to Plastic Chemical BPA

I)My role: Epidemiologist – The environment expert –Conducts a case control study that investigates the connection between a specific human activity to a medical condition and identifies points of contamination

I must analyze as epidemiologist how it is related the obesity with the plastic pollution and hormone disruption

II)My Topic: How to avoid the obesity related plastic chemical BPA”

Each student will compose an academic manuscript for a present-day publication that includes the following sections: 20 pages long in content

  • Abstract: ½ – 1 page
  • Lit review: 5-7 pagers
  • Material/ Methods 2-5 pages
  • Results: 2-4 pages
  • Conclusion 3-7 pages
  • References (APA formatting)
    • Pubmed
    • World Health Organization
    • Food and Agricultural Organization
    • Non-GMO project
    • – can be used a source but not a documentary
    • Institute for Integrative Medicine
    • Ecowatch
    • Center for Biological Diversity
    • Food and Water Watch
    • Center for Food Safety
    • The Institute for Responsible Medicine
    • Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine
    • Dietitians for Professional integrity
    • Comfortably Unaware
    • NextGen Climate
    • The Guardian
    • Institute for agricultural trade policy
    • PBS
    • UDSA
    • CDC
    • FDA

While there most likely will be overlap in the literature review the majority of the papers will focus on each student’s assigned role.

Good sources

I will sent you an example of the paper for my role


I have a friend that sent to you the same tittle, you did a great job for her, we are in the same team, she is the medical research and I am the epidemiologist, be careful with the plagiarism thing,

You did a great work, so I would like to work with you

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