How Brake Fluid Works, Research Project help

The context of this assignment is the following: We just learned about Newton’s laws of motion, so now we have this project to do to show our knowledge of the concepts we have been taught by applying them to brake fluid, and how it functions in a car. 

Here is the assignment:

For this assignment you will do some research on how brake fluid works. Brake fluid is a liquid used as part of a fluid power system. You can research how brake fluid works online using a keyword search such as “how brake fluid works.” Here are two sites that can get you started (one of these has audio, please adjust your volume level to a reasonable level):

Create an informational brochure or a multimedia presentation (such as a slideshow) to explain why it is important to check your brake fluid regularly. Your brochure or presentation can be creative, but be sure to explain what happens to the fluid when you step on the brake of a car and how that fluid then acts to make the car slow down. You must also tie your understanding of braking into the concepts you’ve studied about in this section. Then explain why it is important to make sure that your car always has an adequate supply of brake fluid.

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