AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease Syndrome) may well be the worst health crisis humans have witnessed in centuries. While science has made some nearly miraculous advances in treating human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection (the cause of AIDS), in the past dozen years, the disease continues to sicken and kill millions of people around the world.

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  • Transmission of HIV and spread of AIDS worldwide.
  • New advances in treatments for HIV disease.
  • Some people have talked about the “end of AIDS” in the past few years. Why? Is this really the end?
  • Why do you think some nations are unable to obtain drugs that they need to prevent/treat HIV disease?
  • What have some nations done to help decrease the rates of HIV infection?
  • What advice would you give to a young person who has just discovered that s/he is HIV-positive? How would your advice be different if that person lived in Uganda?
  • What are some local resources in your area for people with concerns about HIV or AIDS?
  • 400 words min. References and citations required.
  • Textbook ref: Ireland, K. (2013). Visualizing human biology ( 4th edition.). Hoboken, NJ. John Wiley
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