Hereditary Haemochromatosis & PCR and RFLP Screening Report

You will perform PCR optimisation experiments. Once the optimal PCR conditions have been determined, a gene analysis will be performed generate data that will diagnose hereditary haemochromatosis in patient DNA. This investigation will be conducted over two weeks. The results will be presented in a journal article format. The discussion section will cover the clinical relationship of the study results. Student professional skills will be developed using an enquiry-oriented approach through performing the laboratory experiment in teams (teamwork skills), data handling, accuracy of calculations and the determination of appropriate conclusions. Disciplinary knowledge will be assessed in the questions to be answered in the written report. Student communication skills will be developed through writing a clear report. Written feedback will be provided.

length: 6 pages.

Note: All reports making use of published materials, should be properly referenced using the Harvard referencing style with a properly completed bibliography, (no website references)

Please find the 8 files attached , read All before start write, it has all information , Also I provide example (it was in 2018 snd it may be little change make sure about result, plz do not copy paste)

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