help with health homework

What does "picking your battles" mean in the context of a health promotion program? 

2. What are the three basic parts of most plan ning models? 

3. In general, what role does assessment play in the kind of health promotion program you decide to develop and implement? 

4. Why is it important to evaluate health promo tion programs? 

5.How are the two planning models discussed in this chapter different? Similar?
l. Why is it that communities are the primary settings for public health/health promotion interventions? 

2. How is a virtual community similar or dissimi- lar to a geographic or place-based community for purposes of health promotion? 

3. What is the difference between a commu- nity intervention and an intervention in a community? 

4. What kinds of community politics might you encounter? What theoretical approaches could you use to address some of these political situations? 

5. Explain what it means to tailor an intervention to a community or population. 

6. How can you keep an intervention going? What does sustainability refer to in health promotion?

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