Healthcare Ethics Discussion

Patients and healthcare employees should be protected in an ethical way when it comes to confidential information pertaining to staff or patients. There may be concerns such as: Are the demographics of patients being kept confidential? Or if the healthcare employees are following the proper protocols for their healthcare organization? Each medical professional has a code of ethics that should be followed to provide the best quality service for others. Their code of ethics will also lead them to practice various forms of ethics which are nonmaleficence and beneficence. Nonmaleficence is the ethical and legal way to avoid harming others. Beneficence is going beyond prevention to ethical action. With both of these forms of ethics, the healthcare environment can be safe for everyone and employees can feel respected.

The privacy of patients and employees’ demographics are vital to any organization. HIPAA has been introduced and is very important when it comes to maintaining patients’ privacy. Hospitals obtained a significant amount of patients’ medical history and other personal information such as social security numbers, phone numbers, etc.…. By law it is important that medical records and personal information is kept confidential unless it is authorized by the patient to release any information. Violating healthcare laws would mean that healthcare employees are not performing their job duties correctly and would definitely be consider unethical. Reply to the discussion no plagiarism no copy and paste. Reply should include a question and should be 200-250 wo

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