healthcare consultant hired by the Midwest Healthcare System, health and medicine homework help

Minimum of 200 words each question (2 questions)

(TCO A). You are a healthcare consultant hired by the Midwest Healthcare System to assist them in developing their organization’s strategic plan that will shape the development of a comprehensive network of services for their community.
The organization provides the usual array of inpatient services expected in a moderate-sized community hospital. A local nursing home and retirement community is for sale, and the organization is considering the purchase of that agency. There is a regional hospital that is trying to establish a statewide hospital network. There is a local county health department that provides some clinic services, primarily for the uninsured.
Youve been asked to give a presentation to the board of directors on options for restructuring their local delivery of healthcare services. The hospital’s president has asked you to focus your presentation on the elements of a comprehensive delivery system and to highlight innovative methods to restructure the hospital. The presentation will lay out the requirements of an integrated healthcare delivery system.

(TCO B). You are the newly-hired Vice President of Human Resources for the Bayside Community Health System. You’ve been on the job for just 3 months and have considerable experience in human resource functions. You have responsibility for all of the usual human resources functions, including the recruitment process, the training and development functions, and the retention plan. In addition, you have the additional departments of volunteers and the hospital chaplain services.
You’ve identified a number of serious organizational issues that are impacting the hospital. Turnover is high, there are many vacant positions, and the organization has a very high number of positions that are considered hard-to-fill positions because of national workforce shortages in nursing, pharmacy, and radiology.
The board of directors and the president know that they have serious human resource issues that will have to change in order for them to compete in the local healthcare market as an employer-of-choice. As in any healthcare organization, fiscal resources are limited, but the board is firmly committed to investing in a well developed human resources plan to decrease turnover and stem the ever-growing turnover and vacancy rates. The president has asked you to attend the next board of directors meeting to share your plan for addressing these serious issues. What will you tell them in your presentation to address the retention and recruitment problems?

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