Health Autobiographical Paper

Who am I?” (75 pts):  The second health biography should refer back to your views and actions at the beginning of the course.

The purpose of the paper is to provide you with an opportunity to revaluate your personal health status, areas you would like to or have modified. Discuss how things covered in this course have impacted your health and behaviors.

2 pages double spaced, 1 inch margin, 12 point Times New Roman

Health Autobiographical Paper #2

For this paper, look back at your first submission earlier in the course. Did you make any changes to your behaviors? Are there behaviors you would still like to change? Reflect on the things we talked about during the course and how they have impacted you or modified the way your look and think about things related to men’s health. This is not a formal paper; write in first person about your own life and values and perspectives and experiences, to whatever extent you feel comfortable. I am the only person who will read these papers and you can say whatever you want to say.

You should only disclose what you are comfortable disclosing. You do NOT need to disclose anything personal as part of this assignment. However, if you choose to include information about personal behavior, that is also okay to do.

Your paper will remain confidential.
Paper length 2 to 3 pages double spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt, 1 “margins 

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