HCA352 Week 5 Discussion 2

Week 5 –
Discussion 2 – Legal Issues in the Workplace

This discussion has two options. Please choose either Option A or Option B to
respond to and indicate which option you chose.

Option A:  Imagine you are in charge of Anywhere Hospital’s
compliance program.  As part of the hospital’s orientation program, you
provide an overview of the compliance program to new employees.  Outline
what information you will include in your presentation. (Case Study, p. 319) In
your response, please be sure to address the following:

1. What is the
purpose of implementing a compliance program in a health care facility?

2. What are the compliance program
guidelines and how are they enforced in the workplace?

3. How do compliance programs help to prevent fraud and abuse
in health information management? Please provide at least two examples.

Option B:  Anywhere Hospital recently experienced negative
publicity in the local community because of some unethical actions taken by a
few of its employees concerning protected health information. The hospital
subsequently took disciplinary action against those employees. Hospital
administration has asked you to serve as part of a task group to address
ethical issues in the workplace. The work product your task force produces will
be used to prevent recurrence of these unethical actions. (Case Study, p. 350).
In your response, please be sure to address the following:

1. What are the
components of a comprehensive ethics and compliance program?

2. What are the consequences of violating national, state, and
local policies concerning protected health information (i.e., HIPAA)?

3. What primary areas will you recommend the task force focus
upon?  Please discuss at least two recommendations.

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