Group project review

Group Project Review:

1. Please discuss how your perception of group projects has changed (or not) since the beginning of the course.

2. Discuss at least 2 things you learned during the course that will help you become a more effective team member.

3. Discuss at least 1 thing that might make the on line collaboration and team process better.

Your final post should be at least 300 words.

I was very supportive team leader, I was on the top of things. That is what I wrote so you can have an idea. but I would like to be more positive and try to send my message not in a mean way, Thank you.

I contributed to my group’s success by:

Being proactive and a team player. Coming up with the project was not an easy task, and every group member’s input was required. I did my best to assist where possible and at times, handled the roles of other group members. I was also actively involved from the beginning until the preparation of the final report to be presented to the class. This included going over every small detail in each section, as well as working on the project budget including adding another mission expenses graph and RV shopping. I also came up with the PowerPoint presentation including searching for pictures and making sure the presentation had references and the work cited. Overall, I feel that I did the majority of the work and gave it my best effort.

Next time, I would:

First, I would like to have more time to know my team better. Also, I would encourage the team members to have the peer-to-peer training. Training each other along the way would ensure that the possibility of failure is minimized. Additionally, I would ensure that as the team leader, I identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of the team members quicker. In doing this, I would be able to segregate duties by the ability of each member as opposed to random assignments. As a motivational strategy, I would also ensure that I recognize and appreciate the roles played by the team members towards the success of the project.Overall, I would prefer in the future to have a team that is more willing to take guidance, and that would contribute more to the overall success of the group, rather than leaving the majority of the load on me. Finally, I didn’t like the last minute’s strategy from the group members. I finish my work ahead of time, but even to give them a simple task to review it, they wait until last minutes.

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