Geography of Food paper map table

In this exercise you will compose an essay based on any traditional European dish recipe.

This is the dish you must do it on based on my professor feedbcak and the link to the whole abd example of the assignment is below

You will be using Chicken Cacciatore (Italy) to complete your individual exercise. Please note that, in this case, since Italy is located within the Mediterranean region of domestication, in your table, you must use only one of the following terms when including any ingredient domesticated in this region (as shown in the Map Centers of Domestication): native or Mediterranean, but not both. Furthermore, since salt is considered a native ingredient (for the purpose of this assignment), in your table you must include it as either native or Mediterranean (as mentioned above). Furthermore, as mentioned in the Instructions, any plant or animal by-product must be cited in your Table by entering first its main source followed by the name of the ingredient, which must be included in parenthesis. Some examples from your dish: chicken broth, thighs and breast, cheese, olive oil, red wine, etc. These should be cited as follows: chicken (broth, thighs and breast), cattle (cheese), olive (oil), grapes (red wine), etc. In addition, note that all chicken ingredients will count as only one ingredient. So, in case your recipe does not include the required minimum of 10 ingredients, you should add sides that are usually served with this dish like a salad (tomato, lettuce, onions, etc.), bread, etc.…

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