GEO161 University of Southern Indiana Recent Volcanic Activity Report

Write two pages (typed, double-spaced, and IN YOUR OWN WORDS) describing a recent volcanic event. In-text citations will not be necessary. However, please list your sources of information in a short bibliography. I would like to see at least three references (see below for help on references). Plagiarism (i.e. cutting and pasting) will not be tolerated. This report is worth up to 20 points, which will be added to your lowest exam score.

The Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program (GVP) is one of the best volcano resources, with weekly activity reports and a database that goes back 10,000 years:

Topics to research for your report:

  • the geographic location
  • the plate tectonic setting (e.g. subduction zone, hotspot, or divergent boundary)
  • eruption history
  • typical composition of magma
  • steps that were taken to mitigate harmful effects of the eruption
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