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Please follow directions below for the letter

Fiscal intermediary (FI) letter

A bill is returned from the fiscal intermediary (FI) with a letter requesting copies of records to justify the diagnosis and treatment. The code numbers that appear on the bill are different from those on the patient’s record. Upon checking, HIM finds that the codes on the bill put the case into a higher paying Medicare DRG and the documentation in the patient record does not justify the new codes.

Create a letter to justify the diagnosis and treatment. Upload the letter in this assignment area.

Your collection letter will be printed on a business letterhead in an office. Use the word processing skills you learned in your computer class to create a letterhead containing all of the pertinent contact information.

This letter should be the FINAL copy. Assume the person will be receiving the letter. Create the document as though it represents YOU and your healthcare facility. If you need to use additional resources to make this letter professional, please DO.

Be sure to include the address of the person you are sending the document to. It’s called the Inside Address.

Now is the time to show off your technology (Word Processing) skills you have learned in your other courses! Apply the concepts.

Before submission, did your work reflect the best you can do? Did it reflect the quality of work you will display on-the-job? Would your work represent your “best”?

Upload your .rtf or MS Word document in this assignment area by the due date. You will be graded on format, content, and accuracy of information.

Your document MUST be saved in a WORD (.docx) or .txt format.

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