Family Genetic History (Nursing program) , assignment help

Assignment Instructions

This week you are going to obtain a family genetic history on a non-related adult participant. More detailed instructions are available in the attached Intake Form.

Below are some Guidelines to help you as you navigate this assignment:

  1. Refer to Chapter 4 pp 52-54 in your Jarvis textbook that discusses family history.
  2. Download the Family Genetic History Form located in the resources file of your course.
  3. Complete the family genetic history using the information from your non-related adult participant. The focus of this assignment is on health and health risk therefore you do not need to include nursing/medical detail. Please be sure to read chapter 4 or the assigned readings in Week 2 to consider the potential impact of genetics and family health history on an individual’s state of health and health risk.
  4. This paper does not require APA format except for a title paper. However, it is expected that the student will use proper writing and grammar techniques. References are to be documented in APA format.
  5. If it provides more insight for you, you may use the draw function in word to demonstrate the relationships among the family genogram. However, this is not the focus of this assignment. Rather, the student is expected to gather health information and analyze potential health risk for the participant who provided the information.
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