Exercise Prescription, health and medicine homework help

Cardiovascular Endurance (page 1)

Rockport Walk Test (walk a mile)

Record your walk time and heart rate

Major Coronary Artery Disease Risk Factors:

Identify any that apply as well as any signs or symptoms you may have that suggest CVD

Impact on activity:

Discuss how these signs, symptoms and risk factors will impact your activity

Cardio-respiratory endurance goals:

Identify your goals – be specific

Types of Activities:

Indicate the types you will use (walk, jog, swim, bike, etc.?)


How many times per week is recommended?


How hard will you work out / that is, how many times should your heart beat per minute? You will identify that as you work through the following bulleted items.

  • Identify the three exercise intensities (percentages) you chose and why you chose those percentages.
  • Include the heart rates associated with each percentile.
  • Include the 10-second count for each percentile.

Explain how you determined your heart rate based on each percentage, that is: include the heart rate reserve formula, sometimes referred to as the Karvonen method of determining intensity. (Refer to handout with formula if necessary)

Do not just give results of your calculations.


How long should your exercise sessions last, based on your present level of fitness, goals, and based on text recommendations?


Describe how you plan to safely progress. If needed, refer to Chapter 5 to help you understand proper, and safe, progression.

Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance (page 2)

Push-ups:Record lab results: number, classification, percentile rank

Sit-ups: Record lab results: number, classification, percentile rank

Upper leg press: Record lab results: number, classification, percentile rank

Bench press: Record lab results: number, classification, percentile rank

Muscular Strength and Endurance Goals: Identify your muscular strength and/or muscular endurance goals

Equipment:Identify the type of equipment to be used: machines? free weights? etc.

Specific exercises: Identify exercises and write the names of them. Write in at least one item under each “header”. Under “Lower Leg (Anterior)” – all will write in: Toe raises, three sets until fatigued

Intensity: Identify how you will determine your resistance (by trial and error?)

Duration: Based on your goals, indicate the number of sets and reps that would be appropriate.(Do not record the number of sets you completed in class but the number of sets you should work up to – for most of you, this will be 2 to 3 sets)


  • For each activity you listed enter the number of times each week you will be doing that activity under the new column you have created called “Days Per Week”. (for most of you, you will enter 2 to 3 times per week)

How many total body workouts will you perform per week (follow text recommendations) Record this information.

Will you alternate upper and lower body workouts?

Flexibility (page 3)

Definition:Explain Flexibility – Include appropriate ways to improve flexibility.

Flexibility goals:Identify your flexibility goals

Mode:Identify the type of stretching you plan to use: static, PNF, ballistic and tell why

Stretching activities: Identify stretches that would help you meet your goals

Frequency: Record the number of days per week you plan to do the identified stretch

Record the number of times per day and per week will you perform these stretches

Intensity: How will you know you’ve sufficiently stretched tissue?

Duration: How long is it recommended to hold each stretch?

Body Composition (page 4)

Body Composition:Explain composition – Include ways to improve body composition.

Body Composition Goals:Identify your body composition goals

Plans to Meet Goals:

Include the following items as you identify how you plan to meet your goals

Include specific foods you will choose and indicate why they are appropriate choices

Identify foods to avoid and why they should be avoided

Include minimal caloric recommendations based on your gender

Include recommended caloric intake (printed on the Dine Healthy Personal Profile)

Include the % of calories that should come from each fuel nutrient

Include physical activities to help meet your goal

Add any other information that would be appropriate and helpful

Summary: Write a brief paragraph telling at least one or two
new things you have learned in this class. Additional information may be included.

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