Exercise 2 2017 select two of the environmental organizations listed below, environmental science homework help

Exercise 2 – Submit Files

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Due date: End of Week 6

Be sure to see the detailed grading rubric associated with this assignment before you begin!

NOTE: Final paper submissions must be formatted as either a Word document (.docx) or in Rich Text Format (.rtf). I cannot open WordPerfect or Works submissions. Your graded paper will not be returned.

WARNING: I reserve the right to run your submission through the TurnItIn.com web site if I suspect you of plagiarism. A plagiarized paper will be assigned a grade of zero, and you will be reported to the UMUC administration.

Briefly, you will select two of the environmental organizations listed below (or e-mail me for approval of a relevant group not listed). You will then prepare an essay (3 – 4 pages, double-spaced) comparing and contrasting the two environmental organizations you have selected. Please cite accordingly and list any sources or websites used to prepare your essays. Please compare and contrast the two organizations based on the following criteria:

  • What is the mission statement of each organization? Is each organization a grassroots group, nonprofit organization, trade association or professional society?
  • When was each organization founded? How many members are associated with the organizations?
  • What environmental issues does each organization focus on? Describe two current initiatives of each organization.
  • What do you find are the major differences between the two environmental organizations that you have selected?
  • How does each organization reflect (or contrast with) your own environmental worldview? Which of the two would you rather get involved with, and why?

Some Examples of Environmental Organizations:

See attached grading rubric.

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