Examination of Human Population

complete report that explores significant aspects of human population growth by following guided questions. (See attached) Tables and figures should each have a caption that describes the information within. If the table or figure is taken from another document, be sure to provide citation information. Answer the following questions

1. Choose four countries whose populations are growing at a 1.0 percent rate of natural increase or less (some with negative rates of natural increase are decreasing). 2. Choose four countries whose populations are growing at 3.0 percent or more. Do not include the countries of Western Asia or the Middle East because they represent special cases and will be discussed later in item #5. 3. Calculate, display, and explain the doubling time for at least one of each of the countries examined in steps 1 and 2. 4. Create a table which includes the following data for each of the above selected countries: infant mortality rate, total fertility rate, population under age 15, life expectancy, percent of urban population, and Gross National Income in purchasing power parity per capita (GNI PPP). Examine the table created above for important differences, and note what you observe for each variable by group.

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