It is a revised research PaperI have the paper and I need to revised it.500 to 1000 words2 or 3 pages.I will post the paper and more references to use for revision. The paper is under the name of Anger management R1, the references is under the name of r 1 ex.The Homework is:¨ Revised Research Paper. Revise your Research Paper. Write approximately 500-1000 words of text. I count words, so you should, too. Your paper should begin with an indication of the substance of your paper, and then offer an organizing argument. Your research paper must now useat least16 sources, at least 8 of which must be academic sources, which means they must be ACADEMIC JOURNAL ARTICLES. This is the MINIMUM expectation. More than 16 is better than fewer than 16. I expectmoreof a researcheffortthan the minimum. A minimal research effort could very well earn a minimal grade.Your revision must do two things that are new.First, you need to incorporate two neologisms. You are welcome to use the neologisms that you will have already created in our discussion on Neologisms, or you may create new ones. Your use of these new words must be done seamlessly. In other words, not this: “We needed a new word, so I invented the word glocal.” Instead, use your words in a way (or ways) that seems to be logical and necessary without letting the reader know what you’ve done. Save that for the Appendix. Every time you use the word, highlight it in some way (e.g., bold, italics). Ideally, you’ll use your neologism(s) more than once – several times is best (show us that this word/these words is/are useful.Second, your paper must improve the first version of the paper. You’ll do this by emphasizing, in this version, the humanities (another of the “Three Cultures”). The three new journal articles must be from humanities journals. In addition, the three new non-academic sources must be literary sources. Examples include: lines of poetry or song lyrics, a visual representation of a photograph, painting, or other work of art, a quotation from a work of literature or philosophy, description and/or analysis of some musical work such as a symphony by a classical composer or a jazz performance. Your complete Revised Research Paper will weave together the measured approaches of the social sciences (in this case a specific social scientific discipline), the human expression of the humanities, and the perhaps something that is unmeasurable and inexpressible (art or music), except by the approximation of its presentation in the context of your paper. Besides meeting these minimum requirements of inclusion of sources, your Revised Research Paper is now anESSAYthat is meant to encompass (via some aspect of the world, begun in your first version of the Research Paper) the breadth of human expression.You must also include, after your References, a section called “Neologisms” (Call it – Appendix: Neologisms). In one or two pages (whatever you think you need), explain your new words: how you created them, what they mean, how they work in your paper, and how they might work elsewhere. Conclude this brief essay with a short summary of the importance of inventing these new words specifically (neologisms) and neologisms in general.Again, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you FOLLOW – and NAME at the top of your References page – A STYLE GUIDE (MLA, APA, Tourabian, for example) for citations and references. Reference only sources that you cite, and cite the sources that you use. Try to avoid quotation, but if you quote you must give a page number in your textual citation or footnote. You must do this!For your References page(s) you need to separate out the various kinds of sources in your paper/essay as follows (again, the key, operational phrase being “at least”):Social Science Journal Articles [at leastfive of these, from the first version]Humanities Journal Articles [at leastthree of these, newly added]Works of Art/Music [at leastthree of these, newly added]Other Sources [this includes theat leastfive non-academic sources from the first version, and any other new non-academic sources that you’ve decided to add]

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