Equation is NaCl + AgNO3 —> Agcl + NaNO3, chemistry problem help

I wanted to make sure I did this right, and if not, I need to know where I messed up. My answer on percent seems a little high to me. The question is Chloride ion (in table salt, NaCl) is measured in food products by titrating AgNO3. You take 1.00mL of the food material and titrate it against 5.66 mL of 0.125M AgNO3. What is NaCl concentration in the food? What is the percent of salt (m/V) in the food?

The balanced equation is NaCl + AgNO3 —> Agcl + NaNO3

This is the work I did:


1.00 mL*M1=5.66mL*0.125M

=0.7075 or 0.708M of NaCl

0.708 M NaCl * 49.44g NaCl= 35.00352g NaCl

I took this and divided by 1.00 mL and came up with 35.00352% I feel like this is wrong and would like to know how to correct it if I am.

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