Environmental Science unit 1 test, homework help



Graded Assignment

Unit Test, Part 2

Answer each question, using complete sentences. When you have finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.



Three hypotheses—ecocide, rat outbreak, and climate change—are candidates as explanations of why the society of Easter Island collapsed. Explain each hypothesis, present at least one piece of evidence for each one, and state a lesson that each hypothesis contains for the world today. For each hypothesis, write one paragraph of at least four lines


(8 points)


In a paragraph, describe the seven steps of the scientific method.


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Graded Assignment SCI010: Environmental Science|Unit 1| Lesson 18: Unit Test

(7 points)


Error in data analysis often occurs because the researcher has chosen an inappropriate sample for study—a sample that does not correctly reflect the characteristics of the population or phenomenon as a whole. Name at least three different causes of sampling error and state why each of them can produce invalid data.


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