environmental science powerpoint

Complete Episode 2: “Managing Population Growth” of Gamescape.

As president of the City Council, you have been invited by the Mayor to give a PowerPoint® presentation to Sparksville High School.

Develop a 7- to 10-slide ® PowerPoint® presentation that explains the prairie dog land management issue. Include the following points: 

  • Discuss some of the challenges of urbanization and environmental benefits. Explain how the prairie dog land management issues are related to the challenges of urbanization. 
  • Explain the factors that influence population growth using prairie dogs as an example to illustrate your points. Briefly review how the natural environment is needed to support cities. Use the ecological role of prairie dogs and their benefit to land management and the city of Sparksville as an example. 
  • Describe the different policies that the city explored to manage prairie dog population growth, and discuss how these policies are rooted in environmental science and population dynamics. These policies include decisions you made in the game regarding: ranch zoning, prairie dog controls, school zoning, and public policy, etc.
  • Discuss the final management decision, and explain how it balanced urban development with environmental sustainability. Include major challenges you faced in addressing this issue and reaching an optimal solution. 

Include an introductory slide, a summary slide, and a reference slide.

Include 350 words in your speaker notes.

Include supporting visuals, such as photos, diagrams, and/or graphs.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Refer to APA resources in Message #3. Gamescape reference in Message #4.

Since I am unable to give the video to you because it is from the school and you have to have a login for it I will give you details.  It is about sparksville being over run by prairie dogs and the community thinks they are a threat and dangerous to everyone and wants to try to find a way to contain them that will not effect the environment in a harmful way..

3 questions are in the video that are suppose to be answered with a word count of at least 100 words or more. This is separate from the powerpoint. These 3 questions are opinion based only!!!! here they are 

1. Identify 3 possible, environmentally, sustainable courses of action that you could recommend for the prairie dog problem?

2. Please reflect on the impact of the decisions you made as council president. What results were you pleased with and what would you do to sustain those results in the future?

3. What results were you disappointed with and what would you do differently if you had the chance?

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