effects of global warming, environmental science homework help

Investigate all connections to see what diverse nations in Latin America and Spain are doing with respect to our current Global Warming ( Links are underneath the inquiries). Answer the accompanying inquiries in around 200-250 Words. *If you have to utilize a site other than the gave joins, please incorporate a connection. 1. Remark on the likenesses/contrasts of these measures contrasted with the ones taken in the US. 2. Which ones appear to be generally proper? 3. Which ones are not prone to happen? 4. Which zones are generally concerning? In which nations? 5. What arrangements look encouraging? In which nations? Web Links Protection: http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/locales/southamerica/index.htm Government Agreements: Los acuerdos de Cancún: http://youtu.be/qpGVpe0A_eU Los acuerdos de Kioto: http://youtu.be/YMdzKQOCTmY Cumbre de Copenhagen: http://youtu.be/YMdzKQOCTmY

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