Eco House

this report is related to SQU ECO House, kindly solve the following :

– study the basics of sustainability and sustainable development in construction and built environment introduced in the literature and references. Concepts of sustainability, sustainable development must be reviewed,

– discussed, via exploring academic and technical journals, professional guidelines in the field of construction and sustainability. Also you must discuss the significance of sustainability in the present world and the current situation related to this topic in international and local level. The final part of this section should contain information regarding the needs and significance for this research work and the fact that in order to be able to analyze a building in terms of sustainability first we need to clarify the factors that can generate sustainability in buildings.

– identify and discuss the relevant characteristics and factors that create sustainability in construction projects particularly in Oman.

– Next step is to identify a construction project which is a candidate for case-study. identify what activities have taken place in that specific project, to provide sustainability in terms of environmental, social, cultural, financial, etc. This project maybe in any areas of civil engineering work the data can be collected through research i.e. via contacting consultant and contracting companies, literature, interviews (structured/semi-structured, questioners), surveys, etc.

5. Next step is to critically examine the case-study using the principles, factors and criteria identified in the second step. You must analyze the performance of the case-study and measure to what degree it is up to the standards you defined as factors with respect to sustainable construction. While you are analyzing the degree of sustainability achieved in the case study, also incorporate your opinions and inputs in the form of suggestion or criticism.

6. Final step is to prepare a report. Select appropriate headings and subheading to guide the reader. Remember that the reader will only understand as much from your work as you guide them. Use your writing skills to attract the reader. This report must be in the following format and

To summarize the report includes the following steps: 1. Literature review; to define the criteria required to measure performance of the casestudy 2. Identifying the case-study , introducing the case-study and find relevant information 3. Critical analyze of the performance of case study

* use citation and references using cu Harvard style;

* not exceed 4000 words;

* The work must include citations from 20 references


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