This week I want you to give a close read to page 379 “What Color Eyes? How Tall? Designer Babies on the Way. What does the author mean by “designer baby?” Think about the baby you would like to have. Tell us what s/he would look like. You can of course opt to describe having a baby without designing her or him.Then explain to us how a functionalist, who might focus on how designer babies would benefit or cause disharmony in society, would analyze designer babies.Next, explain how a conflict theorist, who might focus on who has access to such procedures, would analyze designer babies.Finally, explain how a symbolic interactionist, who might focus on how chosen characteristics would indicate bias and stereotypes, would analyze designer babies.Any other thoughts about how technology is impacting families?Cite! Cite! Cite! Reference! Reference! Reference!Also, if you are interested, there is a film called Gattaca, from several years ago, that depicts one outcome of designer babies. Take a look, but it is not required.

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