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To understand the unique properties and installation challenges faced by the general contractor when working with one of the four primary construction materials (steel, wood, concrete, masonry).


The class has been randomly divided by Canvas into 4 groups of 5 – 6 students each.  Each group is assigned one of the materials and has 15 days to complete the project.  The projects are assigned at four different times throughout the semester, coordinating with the material topic per the class schedule.  Students will not know their topic assignment until the day the assignment becomes available. Your material topic is determined by the topic in class which coordinates with your assignment date.


Each student must research the material group that he/she is assigned.  The research must answer the following:

  • Part 1 – Material description
    • What are the material’s unique properties? (reference chapters 5 – 10 in our text book)
    • How can it be used within a building?
  • Part 2 – What are the material’s unique installation challenges?  Consider:
    • What makes it hard / easy to work with?
    • What kind of labor is required?  Must labor be specialized?
    • Does the material need special environmental conditions — e.g., dry, wet, warm, cold, etc.?
    • Does the material pose any special worker safety issues?
  • Style


  1. Report will include:
    1. Title page including:
      1. Title: (your material topic) (Your name)
      2. Photograph of you adjacent to your material
    2. Part 1 – 1 page minimum (350 words)
    3. Part 2 – 2 page minimum (700 words)
    4. Sources


  • Content – 70 points
    • Depth of topic coverage
    • Number of sources cited
    • Original content retrieved from outside sources
  • Presentation – 10 points
    • Use of graphics, layout, overall appearance.
  • Instructions – 10 points
    • Executing the project exactly as specified.
  • Writing clarity – 10 points
    • Well written with minimal grammar mistakes, misspelled  words, improper punctuation.

Notice: All content must be original and in your own words.  If it’s not your words, then it must be in quotation marks and cited.  Extensive (> 15%) cutting, pasting, and copying is plagiarism.  Evidence of this in your work WILL result in a grade of “0” for this assignment.

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