Do Application # 7,8 and 9

Each application answer has to be separate.

Application # 7

– Identify a stressor in your life

Choose primary or secondary appraisal and identify why you choose that one

– Identify some coping effect strategies to apply to your stressor

– Identify some meaning based coping strategies to apply to your stressor

– Identify three adaptations of dealing with your stressor

( The model of coping strategies is on the application 7 attachment )

Application # 8

You have been assigned a project in class to create an intervention for at risk low income preschoolers in a elementary school in Baltimore. Many of the students have been exhibiting behavioral issues in the classroom setting.

Examine how each of the constructs of the social cognitive theory have played a role in the development of these behavioral issues. Briefly outline a strategy teachers can use to begin to address the behavioral issues.

( the Social Cognitive Theory is on the application 8 attachment)

Application # 9

Read over and discuss the scenario that you have been assigned

– Identify things that can be done to help the person in your scenario from each of the four broad types of supportive behaviors or acts

( The scenario and the four broad types of supportive behaviors or acts is on the application 9 attachment )

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