Discussion Post D8/9

We covered the Crusades in depth with HI1, now we will go back and  look at Europe during the Feudal period and how the  development/consolidation of the kingdoms began.Pick 2 of the 4 questions to post about-due by  (write 1-2 paragraphs for each).Then ask me(the professor) a question in regards to the topic by THUR 7/16 .1.What is Feudalism?How does it work?How was it different in France and England and elsewhere?What happened in the Agricultural Revolution of the middle ages?2. What was and is the significance of the Magna Carta?(write about 3-4 important ideas inside the document)3. What is Scholasticism and how did it affect society, the church, and the universities in the middle ages?4. Describe the first stages of the Reconquistia (800s-c.1200s) and the dynamics of the fighting and the cultural hybridity it created.  (If you have read El Cid this may help with some of this).

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