Disablement Model for physical therapy

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Disablement Model Assignment drop box


After you read the Introduction to the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, focus on the section related to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF).  The ICF allows one to use standard language and framework to classify a patient and describe how people function in their daily lives.  As your written assignment, please apply the ICF model to one of your patients as follows:

  1. Please include a BRIEF summary of the basic facts about the patient case, i.e., overview of patient’s history, review of systems, etc.
  2. Briefly describe the ICF Model.
  3. Apply the model to your patient, i.e., the first part of the ICF model describes function and disability utilizing body functions and body structures and the changes that happen within them.  You would therefore need to understand what that means before you can apply it to your patient.  (See the ICF-Towards a Common Language guide that we’ve provided in the Module 1 readings for more help).
  4. Make sure to include all components of the ICF model.  Additionally, you may use information from both the patient’s perspective as well as the physical therapist’s perspective.  Please include ALL relevant information concerning your patient’s presentation.
  5. You may choose to use a diagram, table or figure to assist in demonstrating your understanding of the model, but it is not required.
  6. Once you have applied the ICF model to the case, choose a diagnostic label (a medical diagnosis or a ‘physical therapy diagnosis’) and provide your rationale for choosing that label.  For example, list the ICD-10 codes that apply to your patient and explain what the codes stand for and why you selected them.

Since some of you may choose to use the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice-3.0, you can add the preferred practice pattern that you feel best exemplifies your patient.  Although the preferred practice patterns are no longer noted in the latest version of the Guide, they are available for educational use and noted in the Module I recommended readings list for your benefit.

Please use Microsoft Word; no more than 5 pages of text double-spaced in narrative not bulleted format. Please submit your assignment in the drop box as an attachment with your last name and paper title (ex. leslie disablement.doc). Reference as appropriate, citing sources using APA format, and please include a separate title and reference page. 

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