Disability and Health

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Choose a health topic or issue from the Healthy People 2020 list to research. The requirements for this health research paper are as follows:

^ Length of research paper: 4 to 6 pages, double spaced and no

spelling/grammatical errors.

^Research articles used cited correctly in APA, 6th edition format.

^Use 3 or more appropriate research articles (empirical article on the health

topic), and provide an explanation of the articles, and relevance to wellness

and your topic.

^Describe the physiology of the health topic and relate it to the concept of

general wellness. Describe in detail which of the dimensions of wellness the

health issue most directly affects and how.

^Describe your personal experience with the topic, or your personal and/or

intellectual growth due to researching the topic.

^Includes an abstract and summary paragraph on the analysis of the research and topic.

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